James E. Butler Gift Guarantees Aid for Veterans at UGA Law

Posted in Firm News on February 27, 2019

Jim Butler Financial Aid Gift to UGA LawBy Katheryn Tucker | February 04, 2019

With a gift form a well-known graduate, the University of Georgia law school has announced it will guarantee financial aid to veterans.

“Thanks to the generous support to date, the School of Law has reached the point where every veteran currently enrolled in the entering class will receive financial aid,” UGA Law Dean Peter “Bo” Rutledge said in a statement to be released Tuesday. “What better way to honor military women and men for their service than to provide them monetary support for their education.”

Rutledge added, “I am grateful to renowned trial attorney and 1977 law school alumnus Jim Butler for supporting this initiative. After serving our country, just as Jim’s father did, these men and women are seeking to build their careers. It is an honor to be able to support them in their efforts to become lawyers and to obtain justice for others.”

Rutledge called the new initiative “the Butler Commitment.”

He did not disclose the amount of the gift, but he said it would guarantee financial aid to 100 percent of veterans starting law school in Athens, beginning in 2019.

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