Corporate Counsel

In business-to-business litigation someone is always the Plaintiff, yet corporations often hire lawyers who have little or no experience representing a Plaintiff. That makes no sense. Representing the Plaintiffs requires a different mindset: the Plaintiff has the burden of proof, and should seize the momentum in the case. Corporate counsel for the investors in Six Flags, Ltd. v. Time Warner, Inc. and in other cases have understood the importance of hiring counsel who have extensive experience taking the fight to the defendant. In Six Flags, the result was what is believed to be the largest collected verdict in American history. The $457 million was affirmed on appeal, going all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. With interest, the total paid was $639 million.

Corporate counsel seeking ways to predict and control costs partner with Butler Wooten & Peak LLP for business-to-business litigation. The ability to work with the firm on a contingency fee basis offers low risk and high value for substantial business cases, eliminating the burden of high hourly rates and massive monthly bills.

Butler Wooten & Peak LLP has litigated cases in 32 states.

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