Pedestrian Accidents

School Zone Safety Driving Tips

Passing through Atlanta’s school zones comes with certain rules and regulations drivers must obey – or else risk the lives of parents, children, and other pedestrians. In 2015, teens accounted for almost 50% of pedestrian fatalities. School zones are critical areas that demand special attention from drivers. They are areas with high volumes of children walking around and crossing the streets. Failing to pay attention in a school zone could lead to traffic citations and fines…or worse, a serious pedestrian accident. Always Obey the Speed Limit Posted speed limits in school zones should not exceed 20 miles per hour. Some… read more


Are Pedestrian Rights Different Outside of Crosswalks?

Many pedestrians and drivers alike are unaware of pedestrian rights inside and outside of crosswalks. Georgia is a state known for its unique crosswalk laws – since 1995, Georgia drivers must stop and remain stopped while a pedestrian is in a crosswalk. Other states simply require that drivers yield to a pedestrian, but this Georgia law saves pedestrian lives, helps reduce accidents with pedestrians and catches drivers off guard. If a pedestrian is crossing outside of a crosswalk, the law becomes more complicated. Pedestrian Rights Inside Crosswalks Under Georgia law, drivers of motor vehicles must allow a pedestrian to complete… read more