Workers Compensation

Safety Tips For Communication Tower Workers

According to data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were 2.8 million total non-fatal worker injuries and illnesses across the country during the latest reporting year. While many jobs pose significant risks for workers, those who operate on communication towers face incredible hazards every day. Our nation relies on cell towers to keep us interconnected. Here, we offer safety tips for those who work on the construction and maintenance of cell towers in Georgia. Georgia cell tower construction and maintenance safety tips Training Training is required for all cell tower construction and maintenance workers. The Occupational Safety… read more


What is the Difference Between Workers Comp and Employers Liability?

Navigating a Georgia workers’ compensation claim takes knowledge of how the system works. Workers’ compensation exists to give injured employees an outlet for financial recovery without having to prove negligence. It does not matter whether an employer was negligent or at-fault for the employee’s injuries; the employee can recover compensation regardless, thanks to Georgia’s workers’ comp system. Qualifying for workers’ compensation does not necessarily mean the employer is liable. How Does Workers’ Compensation Work? Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. It takes the burden of proving someone else’s negligence off the injured worker’s shoulders. Workers’ comp is an insurance system… read more


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