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Your elderly loved ones deserve nothing but the highest standards of care while living in a nursing home facility. Nursing homes are responsible for the mental, physical, and psychosocial well-being of all residents. The facility must give residents nutritious meals, adequate medical attention, and programs and events to keep them socially and emotionally fulfilled. Failure to uphold these duties ends in the neglect of residents.

Even worse than neglect is nursing home abuse – when staff members and others physically, mentally, sexually, or financially abuse vulnerable and defenseless nursing home residents. At Butler Wooten & Peak LLP it’s our mission to seek justice for nursing home abuse victims in Atlanta.

The Facts About Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse is a terrible reality for thousands of people in the elderly population today. Unfortunately, research and statistics regarding nursing home abuse are fuzzy. This issue remains largely underreported. Abuse victims often stay silent about their plight for fear of retaliation, the belief that no one will take allegations seriously, or because a health condition prevents them from doing so. Still, studies on nursing home abuse have found that as many as one in six nursing home residents may face some form of abuse every year.

Neglect is another serious issue plaguing America’s nursing homes. Staff members can purposely or unintentionally neglect nursing home residents, leading to serious physical and emotional harm. Poorly trained staff members, for example, might not know how often to change adult diapers or administer physical therapy to bedridden residents. This can lead to health problems like bedsores and infections. Neglect can lead to malnutrition, increased risk of illness and injury, and higher mortality rates among nursing home residents.

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

Detecting nursing home abuse is the most difficult part of preventing and ending this issue. Family members may not notice subtle signs of abuse, such as changes in behavior or hidden injuries. Being diligent about your loved one’s health, mental status, and happiness can help you detect when something is wrong. While there are many forms of neglect and abuse, and dozens of red flags to look for, here are four common things to watch out for:

  1. Bedsores. Bedsores are a preventable type of injury that stems from lack of appropriate resident care. Bedsores form when the body stays in one position for too long, such as lying in bed or sitting in a wheelchair. Nursing home staff should know how to prevent bedsores with proper exercise, massage, and care.
  2. Falls. Although falls are common in the elderly population, they are often preventable in nursing homes. A well-run nursing home can prevent the majority of care facility fall incidents with proper equipment, shoes, foot care, and walking aids. Nursing homes should be free from fall hazards such as slippery floors and cluttered walkways.
  3. Restraints. A nursing home should only use restraints when absolutely necessary. Physical restraint is abusive when used too often or in circumstances that don’t require this action. Improper use of restraints can lead to muscle atrophy, pain, and preventable injuries.
  4. Wandering off. Nursing homes must take due care to properly supervise residents and prevent those with dementia or Alzheimer’s from wandering off. Wandering patients from inattentive staff could end up in dangerous situations, such as leaving the facility, slip and fall accidents, or sexual assault.

Atlanta Elder Abuse Attorneys

Senior citizens should feel safe in nursing homes. Sadly, many nursing homes in the U.S. are guilty of some form of resident abuse or neglect. As soon as you detect signs of abuse, such as physical marks, unexplained injuries, or changes in behavior, talk to the personal injury attorneys at Butler Wooten & Peak LLP. We want to help bring justice to your loved one. Call us in Atlanta about your case today! (404) 321-1700