Credit Insurance Fraud

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Credit insurance companies offer consumers credit insurance in connection with credit card accounts, mortgages, lines of credit, car loans, mortgage loans and other loans. Consumers purchase credit insurance to protect them in case of death, unemployment or disability. The insurance is to pay back some or all of a specific loan or line of credit if case you die, lose your job, or become disabled.

A credit insurance company may charge a monthly premium to maintain credit insurance. However, a credit insurance company sometimes charges a single upfront premium to insure a loan on a vehicle, boat or RV. This single premium then becomes part of the consumer’s financing, and the credit insurance company earns the premium month by month until the insured loan runs its course.

Did you pay off a loan early, trade in your car, or refinance a mortgage and not receive a refund or reimbursement of your pre-paid credit insurance premiums? Contact our office to discuss your claim for credit insurance fraud.

The law firm of Butler Wooten & Peak LLP represents clients in both individual and class action lawsuits for all types of consumer fraud. We have been instrumental in obtaining class action relief for thousands of credit insurance consumers whose insured loans ended early but who did not receive their money back from credit insurance companies.

Our nationally recognized attorneys reached a 45 million dollar settlement with J.M.I.C. Life Insurance Company on behalf of consumers who did not receive refunds of unearned credit insurance premiums.

Consumers often pay off a car loan early when they:

  • Trade in the vehicle and pay off the old auto loan,
  • Refinance their auto loan,
  • Wreck the vehicle and pay off the loan with their insurance payment

If you have a loan that is insured and that loan ended prematurely, your credit insurance company is obligated to refund you the premium for the months it has not yet earned. However, most credit insurance companies will not refund a consumer’s unearned premium unless the consumer requests the refund.

If you believe that a credit insurance company is wrongfully withholding your premiums, or has harmed you and others in another way, please contact us.

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