Accidents Caused by Trucks Backing Up or Reversing

Most semi-truck drivers operate with the principal that they should never back up if they can pull forward because as soon as the truck starts moving in reverse, the chance of an accident occurring greatly increases. Poor training, inexperience, lack of concentration and poor visibility behind a truck can all lead to serious injuries caused by improper backing of trucks.

Many big rigs are built with safety features to alert others when they are backing up. Reverse lights should turn on and a ‘beeping’ sound should come from the truck when the driver shifts to reverse. Confirming that these are functioning properly should be part of routine maintenance and safety checks by the truck’s owner/operator. Failing to ensure that these safety features are working can mean serious injury to innocent bystanders, children, dock workers and even other truck drivers.

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Careless Backing Up Causes Truck Accidents

Big rigs are large, slow-moving vehicles when moving in reverse. Just as there are driver blind spots when operating on the highway, there are blind spots that a truck driver cannot see when backing up. The blind spot directly behind the trailer can extend as far as 70 feet – that’s enough space to put a small vehicle completely out of view of a driver.

The semi driver may:

  • Occupy multiple lanes of traffic, including oncoming traffic lanes, while trying to back up, blocking traffic without warning to other drivers
  • Make use of sidewalks or other areas designated for pedestrians and/or cyclists, cutting off these ‘safe ways’ for others while not being able to see walkers and riders using these lanes

An average of 5,000 people are killed each year in truck accidents, including back-up collisions. A careless, reckless or negligent big rig driver can quickly cause serious injury to others if he or she is not focused on the job.

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