Truck Accidents Caused by Inadequate Lighting

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Proper lighting on all vehicles is critical for any car, truck or motorcycle traveling at night or during inclement weather. It is a driver’s responsibility to ensure that all headlights, brake lights.and back lights are working when beginning a road trip. When faulty lighting causes a truck accident, it is often difficult to prove without the assistance of an experienced attorney.

At Butler Wooten & Peak LLP, our attorneys rely on knowledgeable accident reconstructionists and investigators to determine the causes of truck accidents. Our law firm assists clients throughout Georgia who have been injured in serious truck accidents, as well as families that have lost loved ones in fatal truck accidents.

Improper Truck Maintenance Leads to Crashes

In the same way that a commercial truck driver must be fully alert to prevent a truck accident, the truck itself must be in proper working condition to prevent a crash. Many components of the truck are critical for the safety of the journey through Atlanta, including lighting and retroreflective tape. Truckers are required to inspect their rig before each trip to ensure that all warning lights are functional and that the retroreflective tape is clean and intact.

Lights on any motor vehicle help to illuminate obstacles, provide warning to other drivers and improve overall safety on the road. Inadequate lighting is extremely dangerous for other motorists sharing the road with commercial trucks and semi trucks.

After an accident, our truck crash lawyers will work with truck accident experts to evaluate whether the commercial vehicle had proper lighting. This is especially important in rear-end or side-swipe crashes, whether another vehicle rear-ends the truck or the truck rear-ends another vehicle. Sometimes, a passenger vehicle will run into the trailer of a semi truck without ever braking, or braking immediately before impact. This indicates that the driver could not see the trailer, which can be caused by insufficient lighting, malfunctioning lighting, or missing or dirty retroreflective tape. Our experienced Atlanta truck accident lawyers will protect your rights following a crash while relying on our significant resources to learn as much as possible about your accident.

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