Accidents Caused by Negligent Road Maintenance

Road Maintenance Accident Attorneys in Georgia

Sometimes, road wreck are not solely caused by the drivers themselves. Poor road maintenance and inadequate or improperly placed signage can also cause and contribute to motor vehicle accidents in many ways:

  • Lack of signage can cause confusion at uncontrolled intersections
  • Improper signage puts bikers and pedestrians at greater risk when vehicle drivers become confused
  • Poorly placed signage during roadway construction or maintenance can obstruct a driver’s view of the roadway or not allow drivers enough time to stop when roads are congested
  • Negligent construction cleanup can leave debris in the way of motorists, which can be a significant problem for motorcyclists and bicyclists
  • Poor maintenance or drains and grates can result in flooding during severe storms, increasing the risk of an accident from hydroplaning

Our accident investigation is not limited to the vehicles and the drivers. We also examine the scene of the wreck – the roadway itself and the approach paths taken by the vehicles. If the investigation shows something improper about the roadway, additional claims may be brought against the county or state entity responsible for maintaining the highway.

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The Georgia motor vehicle accident lawyers at Butler Wooten & Peak LLP, have significant experience investigating motor vehicle accidents, including those in which government or municipal negligence played a part. Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys have more than 20 years of experience and a proven record of successful results in car, truck and other vehicle accident cases. We handle personal injury claims for victims of pedestrian accidents, as well as wrongful death suits for families of loved ones killed in pedestrian accidents.

Holding Government Accountable

States, counties and municipalities are responsible for maintaining safe roadways, and they may usually be held liable for damages when they fail to do so. When a government entity is negligent and an injured person seeks to hold it accountable, special procedures must be followed. As a rule, the statute of limitations is much shorter when you are bringing a case against a government body. There are also filing and notice requirements such as ante litem notices that are specific to governmental defendants. Our firm has extensive experience dealing with these types of cases and understands how to comply with the special rules for government agencies.

Our firm secured a significant settlement for the family of a woman who died and her daughter who suffered brain damage when they were struck by a truck that hydroplaned off a wet roadway during a storm. We sued the Georgia Department of Transportation because poor maintenance of the roadway caused drain blockage. During rainstorms, rainwater pooled onto the road instead of draining away.

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