Accidents Caused by Truck Obstructed Roadways in Georgia

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Most people think that because trucks are so large, it’s impossible to miss them, so it must be the car driver’s fault when a car runs into a truck. But that’s often not the case – there are often legitimate reasons why the car driver did not see the truck in time to stop. Weather conditions, road conditions, time of day, traffic, signage, truck maintenance, and other factors can all affect the visibility of a truck on the road or on the shoulder. Especially at night, it can be difficult for drivers to gauge exactly how big a truck is and how fast it may be traveling.

Truckers also have problems with obstructed views. A truck has a much larger blind spot than a car, especially when it’s backing up. In fact, construction workers and loading dock workers are injured every year by Georgia trucks backing up.

Also, trucks create an extremely dangerous situation when they attempt to back across a road or highway. At night, it is often extremely difficult for other drivers to perceive that the trailer is backed across the road – especially if the tractor’s headlights are pointed at oncoming traffic. Sometimes, drivers will run into the a trailer backed across the highway without ever stopping. Because of this dangerous situations, Georgia and other states have specific laws for when and how large trucks may attempt a backing maneuver across a road.

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Parked and Out of Service Trucks

When a semi-truck is broken down or stopped at the side of the road, the driver should alert other cars to the presence of the truck with reflective markers or flares behind and on the side of the truck next to the roadway. This is particularly important at night and for trucks on curving roadways or stopped in areas known for heavy fog. Without some visible warning, other drivers will not have time to react to the presence of the truck.

When our attorneys investigate a trucking accident that involves road blockage, we work with accident reconstructionists to understand the visibility issues that may have contributed to the crash. Explaining to a jury what the truck driver could and should have done to clear the road or signal the truck’s presence to other drivers will be crucial in establishing if negligence was an issue.

We secured a significant settlement for the family of a Georgia man killed in a collision with a truck making an improper turn at night and blocking two lanes of traffic. Some of the lights were out and the trailer had no reflective tape so it was difficult for the elderly driver to see where the truck was on the roadway.

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